Creative & Cultural Organisations

24th June 10am-12pm

This focus group is for representatives of creative and cultural organisations in Dundee

What will happen?

At the focus group we will discuss the experiences of creative and cultural organisations in Dundee during the pandemic, the key challenges faced and the opportunities arising both during lockdown and for the recovery period. Discussions will emphasise how to support an inclusive, sustainable cultural recovery in Dundee, and identify key areas for policy support.

The focus group will last up to two hours and will take place online using MS Teams and an interactive Google Jamboard.

Example discussion topics:

  • How has Dundee’s creative economy been affected by the pandemic and what has been the response from the sector?
  • What has been the impact on your organisation (including employees, and your relationship with digital/technology and the city)?
  • How do you think Covid-19 has impacted the future of the creative economy and cultural regeneration plans in Dundee?
  • What policy recommendations would you make for an improvement of the creative and cultural sector, both at a national and a local level?
  • How does Covid-19 change what a sustainable and inclusive creative economy looks like?

Who should come?

You should register for this event if you act as a representative of a creative or cultural organisation in Dundee (postcodes DD1-DD7). Participation is open to organisations across all sectors of the creative and cultural industries and organisations of all sizes (with one employee or more)

If you are a freelancer or sole trader, please register for the ‘Creative and Cultural Workers’ session.

Research Ethics

All participants will be provided detailed ethics information via email upon registering for the focus group and will be required to complete a consent form in advance. You can read the overall ethics information on the website.

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